Updated February 9, 2018

Pay Your 2018 Membership Online (below)
or By Mail (download the Membership Form)

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We are now collecting 2018 Shippan Point Association Membership fees and will send you a Membership Card for you records. Dues for the 2018 Fiscal Year will be $30 for a Household Membership and $15 for a Senior Membership. Download and mail the Membership Form or Pay Online.

Contributions to the Shippan Point Association Patrol Fund will also be gratefully accepted.  Each dollar contributed goes toward dedicated police patrols aimed at improving the quality of life on Shippan Point.  Due to increased costs passed on by the City of Stamford, each patrol hour costs the SPA over $70.  Please consider making a contribution this year.  We suggest a contribution of $50 per family.

Your membership dues help us provide this website, our email communications, Celebrate Shippan, participation in beautification grants, our tree replacement program, neighborhood clean-ups and more.

Household Memberships cover all adults and children in a household. Senior Memberships are available for those 65+ and cover all members of the senior household. Help us reach our goal of 400 members!

Click on the link above to order online and pay via credit card.

We suggest a contribution of $50 towards the patrol fund to cover our extra duty patrol costs.  If you click on the “Recommended SPA Memberships” – Household (formerly Family) or Senior, this will include your patrol donation. Thank you!