Once farmland bought from the American Indians and tended by English settlers, then a summer play land for the wealthy, Shippan Point is steeped in history and one of Stamford’s most desirable neighborhoods. Now, its wide, mile long main avenue, multiple beaches and beautiful homes make the perfect setting for families to flourish year round.

The Shippan Point Association was formed in 1902 and sought to protect the beauty of the neighborhood.  Today, the SPA continues to protect and beautify the area while building a community through neighborhood events, regular information meetings, tree planting, police patrol and much more.

Becoming a member of the Shippan Point Association is an important part of becoming involved in the community and maintaining the strength and integrity of the neighborhood we all have chosen to make our home. Our dues are just $30 per year and $15 per year for seniors 65+. Our Membership application is available here: SPA membership form.

The Shippan Point Association Mission.

“The Shippan Point Association, Inc. is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit corporation organized to safeguard the mutual interest and welfare of its members; to preserve and enhance the physical beauty and tranquility of the area; to ensure the safety of its inhabitants; to protect the integrity of the environment and the historic nature of Shippan Point as well as the value of the individual properties located there; and to do all and everything necessary, suitable, and proper for the attainment of any of these purposes, including, without limitation, submissions to and appearances before municipal, state, and federal boards and agencies.”